Uday has been invited to conduct workshops all around the world. He has taught for many years consecutively at the Asian Music Circuit summer school which was held annually in London up until recent years, since which they have no longer been able to maintain their activities due to a lack of funding.

“Some of the finest teaching I have experienced”

The Dhrupad Music Society (DMS), is a recently formed UK based organisation established by Uday’s long time students many of whom regularly attended his workshops in London held by the AMC. With the prospect of the discontinuation of the AMC workshops a small group was inspired to ensure Uday’s continued visits to London. The DMS now holds annual workshops with Uday Bhawalkar in place of the AMC. Visit their website for more details about these workshops.

“Udayji is a wonderful teacher and explains clearly, supporting all students regardless of level”

Uday frequently delivers lecture demonstrations and workshops at schools and universities within India specifically targeted toward raising awareness of Dhrupad among the younger generations.

“If there was something beyond excellent!”

For details of upcoming workshops please see events.